Our Team

Tracey Welsh, General Manager

What’s not to love about a job in the red rocks of Southern Utah, where you are surrounded by vacationers and people trying to improve their health! As General Manager at Red Mountain Resort & Spa, it’s a dream come true. Carrying a bachelors degree in Radio/TV Communications Management into a Midwestern golf resort over 20 years ago, lead Welsh through the ranks and eventually onto the Executive Team. However, the warmth of the southwest along with the mission of Red Mountain convinced Welsh to relocate to join the Red Mountain Spa team in 2001 as Director of Operations, and she was promoted to General Manager in 2006. While you are here, you can find her throughout the resort, as she enjoys welcoming our guests and hearing about their Red Mountain Adventure.

At home, Welsh shares life with her husband of 25 years, along with their 19 year old daughter and two border collies Joey and Dali. After work hobbies include her golf, hiking, travel and competitive swimming.

Myrna Beardshear, Director of Spa, Health and Fitness

A native of South Africa, Myrna brings a rich background to Red Mountain. She has owned a business importing African Art into the United States, for which she traveled extensively throughout remote areas of Southern Africa, sourcing the most unique and finest quality native art. She lived under canvas in the African bush on the banks of the Zambezi River while developing a five-star safari lodge in Barotseland, southwestern Zambia. Myrna also worked with the government and the King of Barotseland to set up a Wild Life Protection Unit to stabilize the wildlife in the area.

On returning to the U.S. in 1995, Myrna was the opening Spa Director at Merv Griffin’s Givenchy Hotel and Spa in Palm Springs, California. She served in the same capacity at the five-star La Quinta Resort & Spa before moving to Las Vegas to open the Spa and Fitness Center at the prestigious Stirling Club as Director of Spa and Fitness. Myrna came to Red Mountain in 2003 as Spa Director and in 2006 took on the leadership of Health & Fitness departments as well as the spa and salon, Sagestone at Red Mountain.

Dale Van Sky, Executive Chef

Executive Chef Dale Van Sky delights in teaching Red Mountain guests healthy cooking techniques and expanding their horizons by using unique ingredients that are normally not found in most restaurants, such as quinoa and baby purple kohlrabi. His 27 years as a culinary professional have covered 14 states in his quest to expand his knowledge of regional cuisines. Inspired by Southwestern, French and Cajun flavors, Chef Van Sky diligently creates new menu items that complement the nutritional needs of our guests, while respecting individual dietary requirements.

Although he has lived in many beautiful places, Dale is happiest living in the amazing high desert of southern Utah for the past 12 years. He is very proud to be a part of the Red Mountain team because "the team members really do care about our guests and each other."

John Ibach, Outdoor Recreation Director

In May 2006, John accepted the position of Outdoor Recreation Director with Red Mountain. Recently retired after 27 years with the Utah Division of Parks and Recreation, John spent the first half of his career at water-based recreation parks at the large northern Utah lakes. John was particularly active in search and rescue on Utah Lake and the Great Salt Lake, which was almost exclusively at night in rough weather conditions. While challenging, these parks offered little opportunity to manage a land-based recreation program, leading John to move to Southern Utah thirteen years ago. This afforded him a new career path as the Park Manager at Snow Canyon State Park and his entire family an exciting lifestyle change.

Over the years, John particularly enjoyed working with the visitors, stake holders and staff of Snow Canyon State Park. At Snow Canyon, John was able to bring conflicting opinions together and reach consensus decisions that placed one of Utah’s premier State Parks in a position to protect the unique natural environment yet continue to provide outstanding recreation opportunities. John is proud of the Naturalist program at Snow Canyon, which he nurtured over the past ten years, generating tremendous goodwill for the park. John also served in the United States Navy and is a graduate of Utah State University with a degree in Outdoor Recreation.

Kim Watters, Fitness Manager

Kim Watters is an ACSM certified personal trainer and has been an A.C.E. certified group instructor since 1989. Kim’s depth and knowledge of fitness and her deep enthusiasm is shared with Red Mountain guests as she leads many fitness classes. Kim holds certifications with Reebok® Coreboard, Spinning®, Balletone®, Nia® and Poolates™. And she has had the opportunity to study NIA, under the direction of inventors, Debbie and Carlos Rosas and is currently a Blue Belt NIA instructor. Kim’s love and specialty is aqua fitness and she is also certified with the A.E.A. (Aquatics Exercise Association.) “I believe water is the perfect medium for fitness at any level. By using the different properties of water such as drag (resistance), buoyancy and hydrostatic pressure we can improve our cardiovascular systems, as well as increase our strength, endurance, and flexibility.”

Brad Crump, D.C., Health Services Manager

Dr. Brad Crump is a practicing Chiropractic physician. He has been in practice since 1994 and is licensed in both California and Utah, where he has established successful practices. Dr. Crump has been with Red Mountain since 1999, where he has functioned as Health Services manager, overseeing this department. He has helped to develop and implement important health programs at Red Mountain such as chiropractic care, bone density testing, cholesterol testing, anti-aging assessments and specialized exercise and nutrition testing.

In addition, Dr. Crump also performs weekly lectures on such topics as 7 Habits of Healthy Aging, Women's Health and Hormones, Health Bones and Foot Care Essentials.

Robert Bolding, Red Mountain Outfitters Manager

A transplant from California via Las Vegas Nevada, Rob has spent his life in the outdoors. He went to Yosemite for the first time at three months old, and a passion was born. Rob spent most of the 80's in the back country of the Sierra Nevada. Now he enjoys exploring all the natural wonders of Southern Utah. Rob is an avid snowboarder, mountain biker and hiker. As Manager of the Outfitters store he is committed to making Red Mountain’s guests’ adventures the best they can be by supplying them with all the best and hottest equipment.

Cindy Clemens, Life Coach

Cindy knows first hand about changing course and redesigning life. After 15 years as a trial attorney in California, Cindy had a life do-over. While enjoying a cross-country RV trip, she discovered the profession of life coaching and the red rocks of southern Utah, where she now makes her home. Cindy is a passionate advocate for the path less traveled and the author of Life Is a Do-Over, available at the Red Mountain Outfitters.

Reema Sayegh, Ph.D.

Dr. Sayegh joined the Red Mountain Wellness Team as a Holistic Health & Certified Nutrition Consultant in 2009. She invites guests to form a joyous new relationship with food and the gifts of nature as they discover how it may be possible to transform their motivations, desires and visions of optimal wellness and vibrant health into reality.