Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day at Red Mountain Resort

Happy Earth Day! At Red Mountain we feel it's important for everyone to take time to reflect on our place in the world. With that in mind, we've created the following activities to share with our guests.

Pre-Hike Earth Day Sound Healing
Bud Howard will set the tone for the morning hikes with the sound healing of
his Native Flute music.

Earth Day Meditation Hike
Bud Howard will lead a special Earth Day Meditation Hike.

Walk the Medicine Wheel with Betina Lindsey, Shaman Spirit Guide
The Medicine Wheel represents the “sacred hoop” (circle of life) of birth, death,
and rebirth. Anciently, it is found in all indigenous traditions and teaches us to
commune with spirit, self and nature.

Each stone or spoke placement in the wheel focuses on a different aspect of
living. Take time to hear the Earth’s song and reflect with gratitude on each
aspect of your life as you walk the circle.

Earth Day Fire Ceremony with Betina Lindsey, Shaman Spirit Guide
Finish your evening at a fire ceremony in celebration of Earth Day.

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