Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Self-Actualizing Characteristics

from Cindy Clemens, Life Coach

In a recent newsletter from Cheryl Richardson I came across an interesting list of characteristics for self-actualization from Abraham Maslow, founder of humanistic psychology.

Maslow’s Self-Actualizing Characteristics
  • See problems in terms of challenges and situations requiring solutions, rather than see problems as personal complaints or excuses.

  • Need for privacy and comfortable being alone.

  • Reliant on own experiences and judgment – independent – not reliant on culture and environment to form opinions and views.

  • Not susceptible to social pressures – non-conformist.

  • Democratic, fair and non-discriminating – embracing and enjoying all cultures, races and individual styles.

  • Socially compassionate – possessing humanity.

  • Accepting others as they are and not trying to change people.

  • Comfortable with oneself – despite any unconventional tendencies.

  • A few close intimate friends rather than many surface relationships.

  • Sense of humor directed at oneself or the human condition, rather than at the expense of others.

  • Spontaneous and natural – true to oneself, rather than being how others want.

  • Excited and interested in everything, even ordinary things.

  • Creative, inventive and original

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